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About Laurens Bensdorp

A two times International bestselling author, Laurens began his journey in capital management and finance at boutique Venture Capital firm in the Netherlands. It was there that he realised his true passion for managing money, and more specifically, beating the market.

Beginning that same year, Laurens devoted thousands of hours to studying the trading methods of the world’s most successful investors and mastering the art and science of risk management. After years of studying, Laurens created a high-performance trading methodology that suited his personality, lifestyle, and beliefs. He then devoted more than a decade of his life to developing automated, algorithm-driven trading platforms to maximize profit while limiting risk while simultaneously minimizing the trader’s time and involvement to virtually zero.
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  • "...TMS Elite is truly world-class trading education. In just 4 months, with no prior experience in systematic stock trading, I have been able to develop 26 non-correlated trading systems that fit my personality and can now confidently trade with. 

    Laurens and Alexei are exceptional traders and dedicated coaches who work closely with you every step of the way to becoming a successful trader. 

    This is the best investment I have ever made in myself and my financial future. Thank you so much gentlemen!..."
    Phil Didaskalou,
    Turks & Caicos
    Private Investor/Early Retiree
  • “...I have been an investment manager since 1992, and found “Trading Mastery School” to be the most enlightening experience since that time. Over the last year, Lauren’s one-on-one approach allowed me to learn at my own speed (based on my education level). 

    I studied what he and other top traders use in developing their own successful trading systems. I was especially impressed with Laurens emphasis on risk control and developing systems that fit my own personality and circumstances.”
    financial advisor
  • "...Laurens is an exceptional trading coach who has helped me achieve significant improvements in my trading performance. His expertise in trading multiple systems has helped me diversify my trading portfolio and minimize risk, resulting in a much smoother equity curve.
    Not only is Laurens extremely knowledgeable, but he also has a great teaching style that makes it easy for me to understand complex trading concepts. His coaching has been invaluable in helping me set clear trading goals, develop a trading plan, and manage my emotions while trading.

    One thing that really impressed me about Laurens is the software he provides. It is easy to use and has helped me save time on manual trading tasks, allowing me to focus more on analysis and strategy development.

    Overall, I highly recommend Laurens to anyone looking for a trading coach who is committed to helping you achieve your trading goals. He provides excellent coaching, exceptional software, and his expertise in trading multiple systems is invaluable for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio..."
    Jeremy N. Wallace, CFP®
    Founder & Chief Investment Officer
    wallace hart capital management



Free Automated Stock Trading Course

Free Masterclass From Top Trader, Laurens Bensdorp

In this complimentary online video course, Laurens Bensdorp pulls back the curtains and demonstrates exactly how he has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 with quantified automated systems.

This behind-the-scenes look at Laurens’ approach to the markets will demonstrate how he and his clients intent to achieve remarkable levels of automation and simulated return predictability while minimizing risk. This is not a theoretical course but a ‘peek over the shoulder’ with actionable advice from one of the world’s best traders.

Stop the guesswork now and learn these methods with nothing left behind.


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Skip the learning curve and maximize your profits with the personal help of Laurens Bensdorp so you can develop a quantified and automated  system and enjoy outstanding returns in “bull”, “bear” and “sideways” markets based on the same philosophy Laurens uses every day.

Laurens will personally assist you in the development of an automated trading strategy that will allow you to protect your wealth and outperform the market in less than 30 minutes a day.  Considered by many as one of the most elite mentoring programs in capital management, members of the Elite Mentoring Program have gone on to create systems with simulated returns exceeding 30% a year with drawdowns four times less than the S&P500 without sacrificing their lifestyle or peace of mind.

Due to the personalized nature of this mentoring and the overwhelming demand for Laurens’ expertise, only a handful of people are accepted to the program annually. Click the button below to see if you qualify.

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Several times a year Laurens hosts multi-day seminars and workshops providing aspiring traders with the opportunity to learn more about the systems and principles that he uses every day to outperform the market. 

These events are not about theory, but rather, demonstrations of the time-tested systems you can begin using right away even if you have no experience trading.

Everything that Laurens shares comes from his personal experience showing simulated returns of 20 - 35% with drawdowns of 3- 4 times less than the S&P 500 . These seminars are intimate, hands-on events limited to a maximum of 12 - 15 people.

Blueprint for trading success 

 With tom basso

 Malaga, Spain 

October 11-12, 2024

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