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Laurens Bensdorp is the founder and CEO of Trading Mastery School and author of the book The 30 minute stock trader.

In his younger years, he traveled the world instructing white water rafting guides – growing their guiding skills and general performance, and developing contingency plans. Laurens’ training was highly demanded, and he has worked in Germany, Austria, Turkey, Israel, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Chile.
In 1998, Laurens started his own adventure tourism company in Mexico and successfully sold his shares in 2000.

In 2000, Laurens was hired to manage a small boutique Venture Capital company in the Netherlands. This started his career in finance and helped him discover his real passion – trading and beating the markets. He took managing all of the company’s investments, first lowering its risk profile. It was a great learning experience, but Laurens disliked the corporate environment.

From then on, Laurens devoted a large portion of his non-working hours to educating himself about trading and risk management. After years of endless studying, Laurens created a trading style that suited his personality, lifestyle, and beliefs.
He then devoted a decade of his life to developing automated, algorithm-driven trading platforms to maximize profit, while limiting risk, and keeping management time to virtually zero. From 2006 on, he had vast success trading his family’s accounts.

Laurens was featured in Van Tharp’s book, Trading Beyond the Matrix, in which he explains how he transformed himself from a losing trader into a winner.

Outside of trading, Laurens enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, collecting high-end French wines, skiing, and long walks on the beach.

Through his personal foundation, “Fundación Albenco,” Laurens and his wife help disadvantaged children in Colombia gain an empowering education.

As a stock trader who only needs his software and an Internet connection, Laurens has the freedom to choose his dream location. Laurens has lived in 11 countries, speaks five languages, and currently lives with his family in Southern Spain.


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