Meet the Leadership Team

Laurens Bensdorp

Founder and CEO
Laurens Bensdorp began his journey in capital management and finance at a boutique venture capital firm in the Netherlands in 2000. It was there that he realized his true passion for trading the markets, and more specifically, beating the market.
Beginning that same year, Laurens Bensdorp devoted thousands of hours to studying the trading methods of the world’s most successful investors and mastering the art and science of risk management. After years of studying, Laurens Bensdorp created a trading methodology that suited his personality, lifestyle, and beliefs. He then devoted more than a decade of his life to developing automated, algorithm-driven trading platforms to maximize profit while limiting risk while simultaneously minimizing the trader’s time and involvement to virtually zero.

Laurens Bensdorp was featured in Van Tharp’s book, “Trading Beyond the Matrix”, in which Laurens explains how he transformed himself from a losing trader into a world-class investor.

In 2017, Laurens Bensdorp authored the bestseller, “The 30 Minute Stocktrader” in which he detailed precisely how you can create systems and trade in less than 30 minutes a day. In 2020, Laurens Bensdorp released “Automated Stock Trading Systems”.

Both books were international bestsellers on Amazon and have been translated into Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Spanish.

Laurens Bensdorp is the only author who teaches trading with combined, systematized, automated systems, according to your personality and presently trades a combination of more than fifty systems himself.

Laurens Bensdorp co-hosts seminars with his friend and ‘market wizard’ Tom Basso in addition to mentoring a select group of high net-worth individuals, financial advisors and family offices.

Through his personal foundation, “Fundación Albenco,” Laurens Bensdorp helps disadvantaged children in Colombia gain an empowering education.

Alex Rudometkin

Alex Rudometkin is the Chief Technology Officer and lead software architect for Trading Mastery School. He is the creator of the "QuantumX" trading platform which enables traders to run dozens of non-correlated trading systems simultaneously and is 90% faster than previous platforms.
Alex began his career designing technical diagnostic plans for nuclear operations, which included the development of statistical models to detect the most minute variations in operational standards. He later developed neural networking applications for search engines and was an active participant in the development of code for visual mapping and AI-based self-organizing relationships for rapid, relevant online searches. Alex has also been a leader in the application of artificial intelligence for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Alex is a native of Obninsk, a city close to Moscow, and a graduate of the prestigious Obninsk Institute of Atomic Energy, a branch of the Moscow Physics University, where he earned a master's in Nuclear Science. He moved to the United States in 1998 and received his citizenship in 2010.

Alex is married with two daughters and lives in Chicago. He’s a passionate athlete and enjoys grilling fine steaks from the best cattle around the world.