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I have taken many educational courses to increase my trading success over the years, but felt I needed a different approach. I have been an investment manager since 1992, and found “Trading Mastery School” to be the most enlightening experience since that time. Over the last year, Lauren’s one-on-oneapproach allowed me to learn at my own speed (based on my education level). I studied what he and other top traders use in developing their own successful trading systems.

I was especially impressed with Laurens emphasis on risk control and developing systems that fit my own personality and circumstances. The course was instrumental in helping me assess my strengths and weaknesses, and my opportunities based on my own experience. I also studied important trading beliefs that top traders use so I could compare them to my own. Laurens held me accountable for what I learned.

This course has had a dramatic positive affect on my business, my trading strategies, and my development of successful trading systems. With Lauren’s course, I have been able to develop, on my own, trading systems that have superior compounded growth rates with minimum drawdowns while using money management techniques that utilize risk control. Comparing “Trading Master School” to other courses, I would give it a 5 Star rating.


The journey I have travelled so far on this course has been an amazing journey. I have learnt so much about myself, trading as well as increasing my consciousness. Laurens not only teaches you how to trade but teaches you a way of thinking that helps you in all areas of your life. The amount of information Laurens has taught me has saved me many years of learning and figuring things out myself.

I don’t think words could ever explain how much Laurens has helped me. He is a very smart, gracious giving man. One of Laurens biggest strengths is he is very understanding that we are all different, we are all at different levels of understanding and we all learn things differently. He is not only able to get you to understand what you need to do but push you to do things you never thought you would ever be able to do.

Laurens teaches you what works and how to do it, as well as how to think for yourself and make your own trading decisions. Something that Laurens does that is very important to me is he will not let you continue unless you fully understand what it is you are learning or trying to do. He will make sure you fully understand the task at hand before continuing forward.

One of the best Trading and life decisions I have ever made was to work with Laurens. He is not just my Mentor/teacher but he is my friend and I believe I am going to know him, work with him and learn from him for a very long time.

Thank you Laurens.


I was an unsuccessful discretionary trader until I met Laurens. Laurens is not only a great trader and an even better systems designer but he is an amazing teacher. Laurens approaches trading education not just from the technical aspects but he takes a comprehensive look at a trader and takes him through the journey of identifying objectives, evaluating beliefs, assessing strengths & weaknesses and then comes up with a trading plan that takes into account all the findings. Laurens sets very high standards of achievement for his students and helps them think about possibilities beyond their existing vision. Laurens brings a lot of honesty in the engagement through his candor and professionalism. Most importantly, Laurens is a very happy person and a human being par excellence. His happiness is quite infectious too! I treasure my relationship with him and I would recommend Laurens to anyone who would like to transform their trading operations and life in general.




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