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Laurens Bensdorp is the founder and CEO of Trading Mastery School. He combines the passion of an innovator and creator with the love of people that motivates every dedicated teacher.

After reaching the pinnacle of success in two different industries, Mr. Bensdorp poured himself into mastering securities trading, and over the last 14 years has amassed a trading record that places him in the top 5% of all traders while simultaneously developing a clientele of students who have learned to replicate his success.


Release: February 2017
In this book you'll discover:

- Why the classical investment approach most people use is  doomed to fail

- Proof that automated trading works

- How to uncover your trading personality

- Three proven strategies - with exact entry and exit rules

- The missing ingredient to financial freedom

- The secret twelve-ingredient recipe of a profitable, automated trading Strategy
Transform yourself into an Elite Trader.
Several times a year you will have the opportunity to work with Laurens during 3 days in which real systems are presented. These systems will have simple and clear rules to follow. 

There is no discretion used in any of our systems so after 3 days you have a variety of systems which you can apply immediately for your own trading.

Backtested results of these systems show annual results between 20 and 35% over the last 20 years.

Seminars are generally held in Las Vegas or in Malaga, Spain and are hands on, small events with a maximum of 12 people.


  • March 17, 18 & 19 - Malaga, Spain  - Exclusively for Elite Mentoring Students
  • May 5, 6 & 7 - Las Vegas, USA
  • October 6, 7 & 8 - Malaga, Spain     - Exclusively for Elite Mentoring Students
The joy of being an End of Day Trader using automated trading strategies:
An automated strategy consists of the following:

1. My hypothesis of how the stock market works  - In order to trade successfully you need to have a clear vision of your beliefs. The beliefs are the core foundation to any trading strategy. Without a clear vision of your beliefs you will not be able to define rules and trade a strategy successfully.

2. A rule based process of entry and exit criteria for what stocks to buy and sell - So, as soon as we have a clear view on our beliefs and taking into account that these beliefs are sound and based on sound market principals we need to quantify these beliefs into specific rules. The more specific the easier it is.

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What is the holy grail of stock trading?
I have seen so many people looking for the holy grail of trading. They jump from one trading strategy to another, always looking for the perfect strategy. The super strategy that makes money each and every single day.

Well this kind of strategy does not really exist. In order to make money, you need to risk money and with risking money you will also have losing days, losing weeks and losing months. It is just part of the deal. If somebody tells you differently, do not believe it.

My definition of the holy grail contains 3 parts:
1. Automation
2. Non correlated systems traded simultaneously
3. Perfect execution

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I was an unsuccessful discretionary trader until I met Laurens. Laurens is not only a great trader and an even better systems designer but he is an amazing teacher. Laurens approaches trading education not just from the technical aspects but he takes a comprehensive look at a trader and takes him through the journey of identifying objectives, evaluating beliefs, assessing strengths & weaknesses and then comes up with a trading plan that takes into account all the findings. Laurens sets very high standards of achievement for his students and helps them think about possibilities beyond their existing vision.

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I have taken many educational courses to increase my trading success over the years, but felt I needed a different approach. I have been an investment manager since 1992, and found “Trading Mastery School” to be the most enlightening experience since that time. Over the last year, Lauren’s one-on-oneapproach allowed me to learn at my own speed (based on my education level). I studied what he and other top traders use in developing their own successful trading systems.
I was especially impressed with Laurens emphasis on risk control and developing systems that fit my own personality and circumstances.

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The journey I have travelled so far on this course has been an amazing journey. I have learnt so much about myself, trading as well as increasing my consciousness. Laurens not only teaches you how to trade but teaches you a way of thinking that helps you in all areas of your life. The amount of information Laurens has taught me has saved me many years of learning and figuring things out myself.

I don’t think words could ever explain how much Laurens has helped me. He is a very smart, gracious giving man.

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